Straight or Shaped- Cambria Philadelphia

No matter what you need when considering banquette seating- straight or shaped, CCB can definitely provide (and deliver literally.)

The Cambria Hotel in downtown Philadelphia is a great example of this range, showcased in this modern boutique style hotel.

Custom Straight Banquette

  • Uph Arms
  • ISB with Uph “Push Buttons” (no seaming or tufting)
  • Nailhead Trim detail on arms and top of back
  • Uph Sinuous Spring Seat
  • Laminate base with cut outs for electrical units

Custom Shaped Radius Banquette

  • CCB “Designer Special” Series- modified
  • Plain Uph ISB
  • Sewn on Ends (in place of wrapped typical ends)
  • Uph Sinuous Spring Seat
  • Wood Legs in Custom Stain

Thank you to DAS Architects & Interiors and Peyton Brown for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

We hope you will find this inspiring for your next project!

Interior Photos from Cambria’s website and social media posts.

Unique Boutique Hotels & CCB

No two neighborhoods are alike and neither are the Hotel Indigo Properties.
Each is a unique boutique hotel environment designed to capture some of the history and current attributes of the area where it is located.
Banquette seating was produced for Hotel Indigo located in Mount Pleasant, SC.  
CCB’s “Designer Special” SeriesModified
  • Varying overall heights
  • Various Shapes – Long wall benches, custom radius to align with a wall, “L” shaped, “U” shaped, and a radius with no corner fillers
  • Custom laminate bases with electrical outlets
Thank you to Carver & Associates and CCB’s Sales Representative, Jeff Wells for the opportunity to be a part of this project and share another example that……….
“We’re more than just Restaurant Booths.”
Interior photos from Hotel Indigo’s website and social media postings, &

CCB’s Hospitality Seating – Not just your Standard Banquette

CCB originated as a restaurant booth and table manufacturing company primarily servicing restaurant dealers.  As our customer base and project scope has expanded, we have embraced your requests to produce product that is far beyond the realm of “booth” seating.

Seating produced for Hotel Indigo in Birmingham, AL is a perfect example of this.

Custom Shaped Hospitality Seating
  • Plain uph low ISB & uph shaped arms
  • Loose accent throw pillows
  • Tight uph deep seats
  • Stained wood frame & enclosed base with electrical outlets
  • Custom stain color

This Hotel Indigo location has history as well.  This area was the location of the first apothecary in Birmingham.  This Art Deco inspired building from the 1930’s was constructed to house medical offices.

The “RX Lounge” where CCB’s seating is located gives a nod to the architectural history.

Thank you to Hospitality Furnishings & Design and our CCB Sales Representatives, Warren Dorn & Jay Dickinson for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

We think this is a good example of a Remedy to standard seating.

Outlet units installed in the stained wood bases

Interior & exterior building photos from the Hotel Indigo Birmingham website.

It’s All in the Details- CCB’s Nail Head Trim Info

Tis the season to be festive and decorate so what better time than to update you on some of the “trimmings” that CCB has to offer.

CCB has nail head trim to add that extra detail to your seating.  Our nail head trim can be applied to most upholstered product.  Most often this is used below the seat or to highlight an inside back or an arm detail.

CCB’s nail head trim is offered in 2 sizes (small 7/16″ dia. and large 15/16″ dia.)  You can see examples on our standard product line:

CCB “Winston” Series (small nail)

CCB “Asheville” & CCB “Statesville”  Series (large nail)

We also have project examples in our “Photo Library” section of our website under “Uph Details.  Click here

Both sizes of nails are available in:
French Natural
Bronze Ren.
So no matter what look you have in mind, this metal accent will surely make your product shine!


“L” is for L Shaped and a Long Banquette

CCB’sDesigner Special” series goes “L” shaped and the “length” of the lobby and breakfast area of Best Western Plus in Winston-Salem, NC.

  • Plain uph ISB (inside back)
  • OSB (outside back) uph in vinyl
  • Roll over top & wrapped end detail
  • 1 piece uph “big” seat
  • Enclosed base- black ABS

The clean and simple lines of this banquette can be used in virtually any style of space- modern, transitional, and even traditional.  The uph selections on this project are quite striking!

Thank you to Hospitality Furnishings & Design, Inc. and our CCB Sales Representatives, Jay Dickinson and Warren Dorn for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Let us know how we can provide seating for your next project.

Your Seating Awaits – Best Western – Leesburg

There is a spot saved just for you…….

at The Best Western hotel located in Leesburg, VA.

CCB’s “Concord” Series was utilized to produced long wall bench style seating.  CCB’s Concord has sections of seating manufactured to have the look of individual upholstered units ganged together.

Guests of the Best Western can select a place along the single or double sided seating units.  The long double banquette allows for seating back to back without the need to have a wall to separate the dining areas.

Thank you to Hospitality Furnishings & Design Inc. and our CCB Sales Representatives, Jay Dickinson & Warren Dorn for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Let us assist you with product that defines a place for your clients and customers.

Interior images from Best Western Leesburg‘s website and from
Google images.

From Concept to Completion- The Tidewater Inn

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing our customer’s design vision come to completion!

This week we are featuring product for The Tidewater Inna historic luxury bed and breakfast  located in Easton, MD.

Custom product was produced based on concept images which included 2 banquettes with custom uph arms, ISB and seats with tight upholstery and welted detail, wood legs & stretchers as well as 2 curved backless benches with a tufted seat cushion and tapered wooden legs.

Thank you to DAS Interiors and Peyton Brown for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Let us know how we can provide product for your next “design vision.”

Interior photos and concept images from & their Facebook page.

“Sexy in the City”- Upholstery at Avalon North Station

CCB is “More than just Restaurant Booths.”

Check out these upholstery pieces produced for Avalon North Station Apartment Community in Boston, Massachusetts.

If we were picking out a movie title to describe these pieces, we think “Sexy in the City” would be pretty appropriate!

Both pieces have a lounge style feel w/ squared surround or track style arm detail.  Classic upholstery details – diamond tufting & vertical channels – have been incorporated into these modern looks.  Metal or wood legs – you pick!

Thank you to Executive Furnishings Inc. and to our CCB Sales Representatives,  Dave Abramson and Mark Dibenedetto for the opportunity to show examples of the larger range of what CCB has to offer.

Interior Photos from website

CCB’s Appalachian Series from Modern to Classic Traditional

In recent weeks we featured a project based on CCB‘s “Appalachian” series used in a recreation area at an Apartment Community w/ a plain uph inside back and produced as a long wall bench.  (See image of the West River Apartments below.)

So this week we thought we would illustrate how you can take a CCB style and create multiple looks.  From the sleek modern look at West River Apartments to a classic traditional style at Angelina’s Pizza, Pasta, & More located in Odenton, MD.

CCB’s Appalachian was produced in single and double booths and with the addition of a “double diamond” tufted ISB uph detail.  (Double diamond is the use of 2 complete rows of stacked diamonds. Typical diamond tufting will have the diamonds offset and not complete diamonds stacked above each other.)

Thank you to Depalo’s Mid-Atlantic Restaurant Supply and our CCB Sales Representative Jim Hoffman for for opportunity to be a part of this project.

Double Diamond Tufted ISB Detail

Restaurant interior image from Angelina’s Pizza, Pasta, & More‘s Facebook page.

CCB’s product can cover multiple facets of your project- Homewood Suites

This week we are featuring seating, table tops, and table bases produced for Homewood Suites located in Worthington (Columbus,) Ohio.


  • Banquette style seating constructed with a laminate and wood divider
  • Custom low back heights
  • Custom depths- overall and seating
  • Plain uph ISB’s w/ loose bolster pillows
  • Uph sinuous spring seats
  • Wood frame and legs with an enclosed wood base (custom stain color)
  • Uph frame and Black ABS base on the other side
  • Cut outs provided in the laminate and wood divider for electrical or data access (added and wired by others once on site)

Table Tops (Wood in 2 CCB Styles):

Multi- Species wood tops 1.75″ thickness in CCB Vintage stain with heavy “Farmhouse” distressing (round table tops)

Random Plank Ash wood tops 1.25″ thickness in CCB Black stain
(rectangular tops used with CCB’s Wood Column Bases)

Table Bases:

CCB’s Wood Column Base WCB-004, a turned wood column in a bamboo detail (A CCB exclusive) in CCB Black stain paired with a black metal disk base and spider for attachment.

Thank you to our CCB Sales Representative Saeth Gronberg for the opportunity to be a part of this project that utilizes multiple facets of the CCB product line.


Cutouts in wood divider for electrical or data access on top
(outlet units & wiring by others once on site)

CCB Multi-Species Wood Table Top (above)
Shown in CCB Vintage Stain w/ Farmhouse Distressing


CCB Random Plank Ash Wood Top
Shown in CCB Black Finish

(used with CCB’s Wood
Column Base WCB-004 &  
round metal base & spider for attachment)

Interior photos from Google Image.