CCB is Hotel seating & more!

CCB’s seating is more than just your typical “restaurant booth.”  The application of our products is only limited by you imagination.

We have had the opportunity to work on more and more hotel projects for example the Baymont by Wyndham located in Charlotte, NC.

A long wall banquette can provide a more upscale appeal to a breakfast or dining space.  Add height, upholstered arms, and a custom stained base and you have created seating that provides a framework around the perimeter of the room.

CCB’s  seating can also be used in a Lobby.  A long double sided booth was produced for this project with electrical & USB outlets available to those waiting.  How’s that for maximizing seating in an area and it being even more functional too?

Thank you to Contract Procurement Solutions and our CCB Sales Representative, Quinton Macon for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

See the link below with examples and options to integrate electrical and USB options in to your projects.

Want to see more options for adding Electrical & USB outlets to most any product? 

Electrical & USB Options (Click here)

A Modern Take on Restaurant Booths

It seems like restaurant booths have been around forever. Some may imagine them as being in old fashioned burger and pizza joints or any other laid back environment. But the truth is  booths are the most comfortable and practical seating option for your customer no matter what the application is. Booths are long lasting and involve very little upkeep.

Booth seating can be used anywhere and everywhere and still look sophisticated. You can customize the booth to tailor to your business’s atmosphere. There are endless options when it comes to customization. You can choose fabric colors, textures, and wood finishes. You may choose a long wall bench for a waiting area, as well as half circle booths for private dining. All of these apply to different applications aside from the restaurant industry. As long as you have a need for seating in your building, booths will be your best bet! People enjoy comfortable seating.

Here are a few ideas for a more modern approach to booth seating. All booths made by Carolina Custom Booth. Click to see more