Did you know CCB’s “Got your Back” but we have more?

CCB’s known for it’s booth and banquette seating, but did you know the options don’t stop there?

We have a standard product line of “backless benches” and in most cases we can take a booth and build a companion piece in a bench format?

Take for example this project called Blackbird Eatery in Cincinnati, Ohio.

CCB’s “Designer Special” series was modified for the banquette seating with diamond tufting, upholstered end panels, and wood legs added.

A backless waiting bench, CCB’s WB-002 waiting bench was produced with wood legs to match the banquette seating. Some of our waiting benches can also be used as the basis for ottomans as well………. Got you thinking?

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Thank you to FG Schaefer Co. and to our CCB Sales Representatives, Jay Dickinson and Warren Dorn for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Waiting Benches, “Coming to a Theater Near You Soon!”

This week we are excited to share seating produced for Carmike Theater in West Melbourne, FL. 
CCB has been producing waiting benches based on our WB-010 waiting bench for Carmike locations all over the country.  This waiting bench is made up of a metal base and a standard upholstered foam seat.   
For this recent project as well as a location in Montgomery, AL, this bench style has been modified into a new style with a larger “big seat” and a shorter metal frame below.  
The Carmike look for these projects has typically been a red leather upholstered seat and a black metal frame.  For the West Melbourne location we also produced some booth seating.   
CCB’s Shop Special Series– Modified
Rollover top & end detail (top caps and end panels omitted), upholstered seat and frame flush at the front, and added metal legs. 
“Coming to a Theater Near You Soon!” 

Please contact us to learn more about what CCB can produce for your next commercial project.   

 CCB’s WB-010 Waiting Bench

Waiting Bench Modified with “Big Seat”
CCB’s Shop Special Modified