It’s All in the Details- New Privacy Risers & CCB Delivery

Have you seen our New Literature and New Website that was introduced earlier this year?

We have a huge new offering of styles including “Privacy Risers” that can be added to the tops of our booths. These New Risers include wood routed patterns (geometric, herringbone, etc.), galvanized metal, and metal rods.

A great way to take some of our classic seating styles and add a functional and design element.

We have recently produced booths for two La Cocina Restaurants inCCB’s “Standard” Series with a custom wood routed pattern on a privacy riser for their locations in Burlington and Clayton, NC. These risers have a triangular pattern which we programmed into our CNC machines. The patterns had to be adjusted to work with the 4 lengths of booths being produced in singles and doubles………… precision, precision, precision.

The privacy risers were finished in a custom stain color.

These 2 projects were ordered with our CCB Delivery Service which we believe is key to getting your order to it’s finally destination damage free.

Privacy risers are all assembled and inspected prior to going to our shipping department.  Some may ship attached, it depends on the riser design, attachment, and/ or method of booth shipment.

See an example of the risers packaged to ship to La Cocina for our Delivery Team to assemble on site.  We take the time to point this out because we think this is an important detail to the success of producing your order from start to finish.

Thank you to Jacobi Lewis Co. and our CCB Sales Representative, Quinton Macon for the opportunity to be a part of these 2 projects.

Check out the New “Privacy Riser” styles by clicking below.   CCB’s New Privacy Risers

Custom Routed Privacy Riser Panel for La Cocina Restaurant projects-Burlington & Clayton, NC

Single Booth panels were routed on 1 side.

Double Booth panels were routed on 2 sides.

After our Assembly & Inspection Department, the Wood Privacy Riser Panels were removed and carefully wrapped to ship on CCB’s truck to the job site for assembly by our Delivery Team. 

Why? Because we take pride in the product we produce for you and your customers and every detail counts.

Tribute at the Glen- More Resort than Senior Living

Two of CCB’s banquette seating styles along with some custom counter stools have been utilized at Tribute at the Glen Assisted Living & Memory Care located in Woodbridge, VA.

We think the final results of this project are quite impressive and look more “Resort than Senior Living!”

CCB’s “Designer Special series – modified  with varying overall heights and depths and with uph end panels added were used in 4 different locations as long wall benches.

CCB’s “Charlotte” series- modified to create a tall radiused banquette.

CCB also provided some custom counter stools for this project- uph w/ arms, a cutout in the ISB, and wood tapered legs and stretchers.

Thank you to Studio Six 5 and to our CCB Sales Representative, Dee Dee Torres for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Let us know how we can provide product for your next commercial or hospitality project.

CCB’s “Designer Special” Seriesmodified

w/ varying back heights & depths and with uph end panels added




CCB’s Charlotte SeriesModified

as a tall curved banquette

Uph Counter Stools used in 2 locations

Interior Photos from:

Studio Six

Tribute at the Glen– Assisted Living & Memory Care & their Facebook page

All Aboard for this Seating- Norfolk Southern

“CCB is more than just Restaurant Booths.”

CCB’s “Metropolitan” series was used as the basis for seating produced for the Norfolk Southern Railway’s corporate offices located in Norfolk, VA.

Black and white vinyl upholstery combinations were utilized to match the corporate colors as well as a custom printed vinyl with their horse logo and linear railway pattern.

Thank you to New Day Office for the opportunity to be a part of this project which helps to illustrate CCB product used in different settings besides just restaurants.

Let us know how we can provide seating for your next project.


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Anything but “Standard” at El Mariachi

This week we are featuring seating produced forEl Mariachi Family Mexican Restaurant in Taunton, MA. 

CCB’s “Standard” Series was modified to produce this seating:

  • Custom height
  • Roll over top uph detail (uph top cap omitted)
  • ISB with custom shaped head roll
  • Shaped wood end panel (replacing the typ. uph top cap)
  • CCB Cherry Stain 

Thank you to Boston Showcase Company and our CCB Sales Representatives, Dave Abramson & Mark DiBenedetto for providing us with an opportunity to be a part of this project. 

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A Blend of Seating Styles at The Knight Cap

The Knight Cap Restaurant is located in Lansing, Michigan and is the  project featured this week with CCB’s seating.

A mix of styles and features from CCB’s “Designer Special” and 
CCB’s “Monroe” series were blended together to create this
sophisticated look.

* Custom Height

* Addition of an uph end panel

* ISB with biscuit tufting and welt detail

* 1 piece uph “Big Seat”

* Enclosed base

Thank you to Pace Howe Design for specifying this product and our CCB sales representatives, Saeth Gronberg and Steve Gottbreht for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Let us know how we can assist you with your next project. 




Restaurant interior images from 


All Aboard for the Auburn Train Depot!

We love to share projects with great new beginnings.  This week we are featuring seating produced for a new restaurant called The Depot  which has taken residence in the Historic Auburn Train Depot in Alabama. 

CCB’s “Shop Special” series was customized with a roll over top detail, a shaped end panel, diamond tufting on the ISB as well as the top of the back, and produced in different heights.

Thank you to Jana Poirier Interior Design and our CCB Sales Representative, Jeff Wells for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Please let us know how we can be a part of your next project.

unnamedunnamed-1unnamed-6    unnamed-2unnamed-3unnamed-4

Even the hostess stand

references this historic site’s life of travel


Roll over top detail with button tufting included at top of the ISB



CCB’s Hatteras Series – modified

These wood booths are certainly not basic or bland!

This week we are featuring wood seating based on CCB’s Hatteras Series – modified which was produced for a location of the Gold Star Chili chain in Norwood, OH.

Seating for this project includes:

* Uph Back Pad & Seat (looks like chili pepper red uph?)
* 2 Custom Color Stains in contrasting colors (slate gray & light natural look)
* Recess kick base below the seat
* Wood Finished OSB

Thank you to Alack Refrigeration Co. Inc. and our CCB Sales Representative’s, Jay Dickinson and Warren Dorn for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Let us know how we can provide product for your next project.




Atlanta Bread Company

This week we are featuring seating and tables produced for several
Atlanta Bread Company projects.  The locations for this product include:

  • Asheville, NC
  • Hickory, NC
  • Rogers, AR  (tables only)
  • Toms River, NJ (tables only)

Seating Style:
CCB’s “Shop Special” Series w/ Metal Legs added
(Singles, Doubles, and Custom Shaped Wall Benches)
Upholstered in tonal shades of gray vinyl including a damask pattern.

Table Styles:
CCB’s Community Table– Wood Top, Legs, and Apron paired with CCB’s
Multi-species Wood Top.

CCB’s Wood Edge Tops with a Laminate Overlay used with metal

All wood products produced in a custom stain for Atlanta Bread.

Thank you to TriMark Century Concepts and our CCB Sales
Representative, Jeff Wells for the opportunity to be a part of these projects.





Winston Series

In several recent projects CCB’s “Winston” Series has been a main player.


This series was used at both Aurelio’s Pizza in Chicago, IL and at Slyman’s Tavern in Cleveland & Independence, OH.


The “Winston” series design detail was used in both projects. Wood top cap & end panels, framed wood ISB with upholstered panels, decorative nail head trim, and upholstered seat.


These pieces were designed as dining height seating at Aurelio’s Pizza & as bar height seating at Slyman’s Tavern.


The appearance can change depending on many factors regarding the details of the piece. With a length that works, single or multiple uph back panels can be used. There is also an option to have the seating unit produced with or with out the nail head trim.


Next time you are in Aurelio’s Pizza or Slyman’s Tavern be sure to think of CCB. We would like to Thank TriMark Marlinn and CCB’s Sales Representative, Paul Johnopolos for the opportunity to be part of the Slyman’s Tavern Project.


Let us know how we can assist you with your next project.

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CCB is Making a Hollywood Debut in 2015

Grab some popcorn.  CCB product will be making a Hollywood Debut next year in the Film “The Longest Ride” based on a Nicholas Sparks novel.  The filming is taking place in Winston-Salem & Wilmington, NC. 
CCB’s Beaufort Series Seating will be starring with the likes of Chris Eastwood in the lead role of Luke Collins, a professional bull rider. (Chris is Clint Eastwood’s son.)
The Beaufort Seating (named after the coastal town in NC) is part of the Standard CCB Wood Seating Line and includes a wood frame with bead board ISB & OSB details and an upholstered seat.  For this project an upholstered back pad was added.  CCB Walnut stain was used for the finish.        


Thank you to 20th Century Fox & our CCB Sales Representative, Quinton Macon for the opportunity to be a part of this project!  We are excited to participate in a North Carolina Film Industry project.   


Please contact us to learn more about what CCB can produce for your next commercial project.