It’s All in the Details- New Privacy Risers & CCB Delivery

Have you seen our New Literature and New Website that was introduced earlier this year?

We have a huge new offering of styles including “Privacy Risers” that can be added to the tops of our booths. These New Risers include wood routed patterns (geometric, herringbone, etc.), galvanized metal, and metal rods.

A great way to take some of our classic seating styles and add a functional and design element.

We have recently produced booths for two La Cocina Restaurants inCCB’s “Standard” Series with a custom wood routed pattern on a privacy riser for their locations in Burlington and Clayton, NC. These risers have a triangular pattern which we programmed into our CNC machines. The patterns had to be adjusted to work with the 4 lengths of booths being produced in singles and doubles………… precision, precision, precision.

The privacy risers were finished in a custom stain color.

These 2 projects were ordered with our CCB Delivery Service which we believe is key to getting your order to it’s finally destination damage free.

Privacy risers are all assembled and inspected prior to going to our shipping department.  Some may ship attached, it depends on the riser design, attachment, and/ or method of booth shipment.

See an example of the risers packaged to ship to La Cocina for our Delivery Team to assemble on site.  We take the time to point this out because we think this is an important detail to the success of producing your order from start to finish.

Thank you to Jacobi Lewis Co. and our CCB Sales Representative, Quinton Macon for the opportunity to be a part of these 2 projects.

Check out the New “Privacy Riser” styles by clicking below.   CCB’s New Privacy Risers

Custom Routed Privacy Riser Panel for La Cocina Restaurant projects-Burlington & Clayton, NC

Single Booth panels were routed on 1 side.

Double Booth panels were routed on 2 sides.

After our Assembly & Inspection Department, the Wood Privacy Riser Panels were removed and carefully wrapped to ship on CCB’s truck to the job site for assembly by our Delivery Team. 

Why? Because we take pride in the product we produce for you and your customers and every detail counts.

CCB’s New Website- Check it Out!

We are excited to announce that CCB Industries/ Carolina Custom Booth Co./ Carolina Custom Table Co. now has a New Website to showcase all of our standard as well as the custom product that we produce.

We have added a lot of new photos and tools to help you with your product selections. Ready to take a look?

Just click the link below. 

CCB’s New Website

And as always, thank you for supporting Manufacturing in the USA!

-Gregory & Amy Grady and the CCB Team

Upscale Living at Oak Creek

It’s incredible how far apartment living has come and how many are centered around building a community with upscale amenities and shared spaces. 
Take a look at this custom banquette produced for Oak Creek Apartment Community in Lewis Center, OH.  

CCB’s Statesville Series was modified to create this statement piece!

  • Custom Height & Depth
  • Nailhead Trim in a “Panel” Pattern
  • Uph Arms
  • Uph Seat & Frame flush at the front
  • Wood Base stained in CCB Driftwoood 

Thank you to Champion Real Estate Services & Construction Co. and our CCB Sales Representative, Jay Dickinson for the opportunity to be a part of this project.  
Let us know how we can be a part of your next project.

Interior images from the Oak Creek at Polaris website.

More New from CCB- Stain Colors!

As a second introduction this week, we wanted to let you know that we are offering 2 New Stain Colors as Standard finishes:


CCB Chestnut

is a medium brown with an equal balance of warm undertones.  Not too red, orange, or gold.  A traditional, transitional, a mid-century or even a vintage feel.


CCB Driftwood 

is a neutral colored stain with a gray to cool brown cast which can take on a modern sleek feel or go to the opposite extreme of coastal or rustic.  Just depends on what you decide.

As with all stain colors there will be some shade and color variations that will occur as it is applied to each unique piece of wood.  Images of CCB stain colors are for gerenal reference only and should not be used to make final color selections. 

Contact Customer Service to receive actual stain samples.

But if you cannot find what you need for your project, then don’t forget that for a nominal charge that CCB can match a sample submitted to create a custom stain color. 

The stain options for your seating & tables have expanded and may just be limitless!

A Blend of Seating Styles at The Knight Cap

The Knight Cap Restaurant is located in Lansing, Michigan and is the  project featured this week with CCB’s seating.

A mix of styles and features from CCB’s “Designer Special” and 
CCB’s “Monroe” series were blended together to create this
sophisticated look.

* Custom Height

* Addition of an uph end panel

* ISB with biscuit tufting and welt detail

* 1 piece uph “Big Seat”

* Enclosed base

Thank you to Pace Howe Design for specifying this product and our CCB sales representatives, Saeth Gronberg and Steve Gottbreht for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Let us know how we can assist you with your next project. 




Restaurant interior images from 


First Booth of The Week for 2011

This custom booth of the week actually helps brighten up the room, essentially putting this “Bowling Alley” back in the FAST LANE! This project is Thunder Alley and is located in Leland, NC. But don’t worry…you don’t have to travel there to see it!…We have photos right below!






Check out what else Carolina Custom Booth has in store for you at

Featured Booth of the Week!

Here is our first Featured Booth of the Week for the month of August! This job was custom built and shipped off to Hampton, VA! It is our CCB Shop Special modified with large seats. It has
18″ Hardwood Legs to make a 30″ Seat Height Bench and it is  upholstered in a lively orange fabric to brighten up the room!

As always feel free to contact us about more information on this Booth of The Week or any others you are interested in!

Featured Booth of The Week

This particular custom job is now  located in Mt. Airy, MD.  Another booth which proves our exceeding  ability to customize  booths to match every individual’s taste!
Booth Details:

      CCB Diplomat style booth
      42” High
      Plain ISB is CF Stinson – Feeling Beep Beep 6491 – Sunkist
      Seat is Nassimi – Vintage Ale – 5VI-001
      One end finished wood scabs

Feel free to request this booth or any others if your restaurant needs custom seating!

Featured Booth of The Week



The  photo above is our current  Booth of The Week.  This job was customized and shipped off to Morrisville, NC.  

  •  They are 36” high 
  •  12” wood riser
  •  consisting of waterfall seats 
  •  upholstered in US383 vinyl
  •  wood trim stained in a Dark Walnut.

Please feel free to contact us to give us any feedback or find out more information about our custom booths!

How we do things…the green way

Preserving the environment is important to us at CCB, that’s why we use green products to build our custom booths.  Environmental management is no longer a relatively simple task of controlling how much pollution your business creates. Manufacturing companies now need to be environmentally friendly at every stage of production—from the raw materials used to distribution and then on to the consumer use and in many cases final product disposal.  Our environmentally friendly outlook goes without sacrificing our product quality, only making it better!

  • Our solid poplar wood, used for framing, originates from certified sustainable forest / 2.3 trees are replanted for every one cut
  • Our foam is a high density “Bio Comfort”, formulated with a soy base
  • Our springs are made from 90% recycled steel
  • Optional CCB delivery. padding wrapped and delivered on our truck to prevent damage and save on all packaging waste.