Mad about Plaid

With winter temperatures setting in we thought this project spoke to the season.  Seating and tables were produced for Pine Mountain Grill & Gifts in Whitesburg, KY.

CCB‘s “Metropolitan” series was used for the seating with varying back heights and with wood legs added.  We are in love and “mad with plaid” upholstery that was selected for the single and double booths as well as a long wall banquette.

CCB‘s Random Plank Solid Ash Wood Table Tops in a 1.75″ thickness were also produced for this project in standard shaped tops and for tables with hinged drop leafs.  All CCB table tops were finished in CCB Natural which created a striking contrast with the CCB Black finish applied to the seating legs.

Thank you to Dream House Furnishings and to our CCB Sales Representatives, Jay Dickinson and Warren Dorn for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Let us know how we can assist you with seating and tables for your next project.


CCB Random Plank Solid Ash Table Tops -1.75″ thickness
(photo above)

CCB Natural Finish (photo right)

Interior images from Dream House Furnishing‘s Facebook page.

“L” is for L Shaped and a Long Banquette

CCB’sDesigner Special” series goes “L” shaped and the “length” of the lobby and breakfast area of Best Western Plus in Winston-Salem, NC.

  • Plain uph ISB (inside back)
  • OSB (outside back) uph in vinyl
  • Roll over top & wrapped end detail
  • 1 piece uph “big” seat
  • Enclosed base- black ABS

The clean and simple lines of this banquette can be used in virtually any style of space- modern, transitional, and even traditional.  The uph selections on this project are quite striking!

Thank you to Hospitality Furnishings & Design, Inc. and our CCB Sales Representatives, Jay Dickinson and Warren Dorn for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Let us know how we can provide seating for your next project.

Wasting Away – Margaritaville

Recently we featured an elegant wine venue.  This week we shift to a casual atmosphere to show you how diverse CCB’s product line really can be.

Doesn’t it make sense to feature the Margaritaville Resort in Biloxi, MS?  It is that time of the year to celebrate……

CCB‘s “Stateville” Series was used as the basis for this seating style with some modifications to create this relaxed “t-shirt and flip flops with no worries” look.

  • Narrow uph channel on the perimeter of the ISB
  • Finished wood OSB
  • Uph seat and frame offset
  • Stained enclosed base
  • Custom stain color

Thank you to Biloxi Lodging LLC and to our CCB Sales Representative, Jay Dickinson and Warren Dorn for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

No matter how or what holidays you celebrate this time of year.  Cheers!


CCB – Here’s to Your Health!

CCB’s tag phrase:

“We are more than just restaurant seating” is something that we try to remind our customers.

This week we are featuring 3 projects in the healthcare industry that utilize CCB’s product:


Arbor Acres United Methodist Retirement Community

Memory Care Dementia Unit

Winston-Salem, NC

CCB’s “Designer Special”  Series with custom uph arm panels





First Colonial Inn

Assisted Living Dining Facility

Virginia Beach, VA

CCB’s “Hickory” Series modified to have wood legs at the front with a recessed wood base behind in a custom stain color.  OSB of seating notched to align with columns and decorative mill work.





Northwest Pediatrics

Patient Waiting Area

Greensboro, NC






Thank you to ID Collaborative for the opportunity to provide product for these projects and for sharing their installation images. Thank you also to CCB’s Sales Representative Quinton Macon for his assistance.

Let us know how we can be “more than just restaurant seating” for your next project.

CCB goes to the Office- Genscape

Genscape located in Louisville, KY provides data and analysis for global commodity & energy markets.

So it is quite fitting that an orange toned upholstery was selected for this office project.

The hues of orange located on the color wheel between red (a color of energy) and yellow (a color of happiness) are believed to have these characteristics:

  • Increases oxygen supply to the brain
  • Stimulates mental activity & productivity
  • Encourages communication
  • Aids in decision making
  • Promotes confidence & understanding
  • Associated with health and well being
  • More neutral oranges have a feeling of being more grounded & “earthy”

CCB’s “Designer Special” was modified to create this office seating:

  • Produced in 2 different seating heights (18″H and Counter Height)
  • ISB with vertical channel uph detail
  • Uph Seat w/ nail head trim
  • Low tapered wood legs
  • CCB Walnut stain

Thank you to L.W.H. Design and our CCB Sales Representatives, Jay Dickinson and Warren Dorn for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

“At CCB we are more than just restaurant booths”



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CCB is more than Restaurant Booths at Avalon Bay

Here are CCB Banquettes that were produced for common areas at Avalon Hingham Shipyard which is part of a high end apartment community in Hingham, MA.

These banquettes feature uph end panels, a deep seat, an exposed wood frame and tapered legs from CCB’s “Charlotte” & “Hickory” series styles, and a custom stain color.

Thank you to Executive Furnishings Inc. and our CCB Sales Representatives, Dave Abramson and Mark Dibenedetto for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Let us know how we can provide seating for your next project:

  • Churches
  • Clubs
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Universities
  • & More………………………….






We Got You “Covered” at CCB- NEW OPTIONS


CCB is proud to announce NEW Options available through the

CCB Website.

So here’s the latest scoop to be Covered: 

Available now on the CCB Website under “Finishes- Fabric & Vinyl,” we have more selections-  Grade 5 Materials, Vinyl, Fabric, Expanded Grades, & Search Tools. 

This is just the beginning and we will be using this new format to add more upholstery materials. Check out the new and improved page by clicking the link below.

We hope that you will find this as a useful tool!

(Some samples available through clickable links included or contact Shelia at to receive samples.)


New CCB Fabric & Vinyl Web Page

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A Small Sample of the Grade 5 Vinyls included on the Website

6e7aaef0-3bec-4744-a53f-14915ac7dc5d 654c6edf-ce13-4a58-9d4f-e3a06166174d

A Small Sample of the Expanded Grades w/ Fabric Correlates

The Look of Luxury- DC Prime Steakhouse

Tufted upholstery made is primary debut during the Victorian Era and was considered a symbol of lush lounging and emphasized the expensive textures and sheens of silks, velvets, and brocades.  Tufting continued in to the period of Rocco Revival and was paired with highly ornate upholstery frames.

Tufting is still a popular upholstery technique that spans from classic traditional styles to more modern looks in fabric to leather.

This weeks product was produced for DC Prime Steakhouse located in  Ashburn, VA. 


CCB’s “Designer Special”  Series–  modified

Diamond Tufted Uph on the ISB (added)

Custom Depth

Tapered Wood Legs (added)


This seating was produced in large and small seating configurations with a traditional diamond shaped tufting that speaks to the sophistication of this location and its prime cuisine.

Thank you to Edward Don & Company and our CCB Sales Representative, Quinton Macon for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Please contact us with questions regarding the product that CCB can provide for your next project.







It’s All in the Details (10 years)

2015 marks the 10th year anniversary for CCB and it has been speeding by quickly!  In 10 years, we have produced a vast array of seating styles.

There have been the “Highs”


And the “Lows”


Seating with “Arms, End Panels, & Legs”


Seating that “Goes Around” and can be “Moved Around” 


Backs with “Custom Head Rolls”  & seating built with “No Back” at all


And not to forget freestanding seating that needs “No Wall” at all


We hope that this helps to provide a small illustration of what CCB can provide.  Thank you for your business and please let us know what we can produce to suit your next hospitality project!