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More New from CCB- Stain Colors!

As a second introduction this week, we wanted to let you know that we are offering 2 New Stain Colors as Standard finishes:


CCB Chestnut

is a medium brown with an equal balance of warm undertones.  Not too red, orange, or gold.  A traditional, transitional, a mid-century or even a vintage feel.


CCB Driftwood 

is a neutral colored stain with a gray to cool brown cast which can take on a modern sleek feel or go to the opposite extreme of coastal or rustic.  Just depends on what you decide.

As with all stain colors there will be some shade and color variations that will occur as it is applied to each unique piece of wood.  Images of CCB stain colors are for gerenal reference only and should not be used to make final color selections. 

Contact Customer Service to receive actual stain samples.

But if you cannot find what you need for your project, then don’t forget that for a nominal charge that CCB can match a sample submitted to create a custom stain color. 

The stain options for your seating & tables have expanded and may just be limitless!

Green with Envy at Laura Lee’s

We are “Green with Envy” over the seating and tables produced for Laura Lee’s located in Richmond, VA.

CCB’s Charlotte Series – modified

  • Custom overall height
  • Wood top cap- added
  • Shared uph end panels- added (to unify adjacent banquettes)
  • Custom stain color

Seating was produced in radius banquettes as well as a long wall bench.

CCB’s Random Plank Solid Ash Wood Table Tops in a 1.25″ thickness were also produced for this project including some custom shapes to fit the radius banquettes. Also in a custom stain color to match the banquettes.

Did you know that CCB products have some Environmentally Friendly “Green” properties?

  • Soy based foam (High Density)
  • Sinuous springs made from 90% recycled steel
  • Solid Poplar wood used for seat framing is purchased from sustainable forest resources where 2.3 trees are planted for every 1 cut.
  • CCB orders delivered on our trucks are blanket wrapped (re-usable) to eliminate cardboard and other wasteful packaging supplies that typically go to landfills.

Thank you to Gusti’s Restaurant Equipment and our CCB Sales Representative, Jim Hoffman for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Click here to find out more about CCB’s green components.

Don’t miss those CCB Custom Shaped Table Tops to fit the radius



CCB’s Random Plank Solid Ash
 Wood Table Tops in a Custom Stain
Interior photos from lauraleesva.com , their social media postings,
and from Richmond Magazine.

Farmland to Elegant Country Club at Blythefield

Blythefield in Old English means “quiet fields.” 

Blythefield Country Club which is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan was settled and originally used as farmland, later became the location of a country villa, and then became a golf and country club.  This serene setting has traditional elements with a modern flair.

CCB‘s “Statesvilleseries was upholstered in a striking stripe with a complimentary solid upholstery for the seat and frame.  CCB’s Walnut finish and a large natural finish nail head trim detail completes this classic look.

CCB’s WB-011 Waiting Benches were also produced for this project and mimic some of the same details, but with a narrow wood frame and clean tapered wood legs to create refined seating in the foyer area.

Thank you to Jennifer Butler Interior Design and to our CCB Sales Representative, Saeth Gronberg for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Let us know how we can assist you with furnishings to compliment and complete the design of your next project.

Interior images from blythefieldcc.org ,their Facebook page, &


Just what the neighborhood ordered- Trezeros

Trezeros Kitchen & Tap is a neighborhood place to meet with family, friends, and co-workers located in a building constructed in the 1930’s in Mt Prospect, IL.

Their space includes modern CCB seating – singles, doubles, and long wall benches. Some with a privacy style wood “riser” at the top and some with backless benches with an uph hanging back pad for a variety of gathering environments.

CCB’s product has been combined with reclaimed elements from the building and community’s history.

Singles, Doubles, & Wall Benches-
Plain uph ISB’s (singles & doubles)
Wide horizontal channel uph ISB’s (wall benches)
Wood privacy riser panel
Uph sinuous spring seat
Wood frame & base
Custom stain color
Additional seating area-
Backless bench- uph seat, wood frame, and tapered wood legs
Custom shaped hanging back pad (installed and attached to the wall by others)
Thank you to Edward Don & Company and our CCB Sales Representative, Paul Johnopolos for the opportunity to be a part of this project.
Contact CCB for assistance with furnishings for your next project.
Interior Photos from Trezeros Kitchen & Tap- Facebook page
& Google Image

CCB’s gone Global

CCB has gone “Global” this year.  We recently produced and shipped seating to a project in Japan.

The seating style for Defense Distribution is the CCB “Winston” Series.

  • Wood ISB w/ recessed uph panels and nail head trim detail
  • Wood OSB w/ panel detail
  • Wood top cap, end panels, and frame below the seat
  • Uph sinuous spring seat
  • Tapered wood leg
  • CCB Mahogany Stain

You never know where CCB product may be seen next.  Stay tuned!

Thank you to everyone that supports CCB and manufacturing in the USA.

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CCB goes to the Office- Genscape

Genscape located in Louisville, KY provides data and analysis for global commodity & energy markets.

So it is quite fitting that an orange toned upholstery was selected for this office project.

The hues of orange located on the color wheel between red (a color of energy) and yellow (a color of happiness) are believed to have these characteristics:

  • Increases oxygen supply to the brain
  • Stimulates mental activity & productivity
  • Encourages communication
  • Aids in decision making
  • Promotes confidence & understanding
  • Associated with health and well being
  • More neutral oranges have a feeling of being more grounded & “earthy”

CCB’s “Designer Special” was modified to create this office seating:

  • Produced in 2 different seating heights (18″H and Counter Height)
  • ISB with vertical channel uph detail
  • Uph Seat w/ nail head trim
  • Low tapered wood legs
  • CCB Walnut stain

Thank you to L.W.H. Design and our CCB Sales Representatives, Jay Dickinson and Warren Dorn for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

“At CCB we are more than just restaurant booths”



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“Lighten Up”- For this Furniture Trend

Did you know that the trend towards using lighter colored wood finishes is transitioning more over to commercial and hospitality furnishings?

This look has been greatly influenced by the popularity of “Scandinavian Modern” looks marketed by Ikea and other companies that have tapped into simplicity, minimalism, and functionality.

Lighter wood finishes not only provide a neutral look, they allow for the natural grain of the wood to be emphasized, and  ultimately they show less scratching and wear over time.

Here are 2 CCB projects that are examples of “Lightening It Up”  with stain finishes.

CCB Community Tables produced for The Lake Club in Youngstown, OH.

CCB “Greensboro” Series seating produced for Genji Go Restaurant in Gahanna, OH.

Thank you to Hannah Vernal Designs (The Lake Club),  Chute Gerdeman and Prestige Properties (Genji Go), and our CCB Sales Representatives, Jay Dickinson & Warren Dorn for the opportunity to be a part of these 2 projects. 

Let us know how we can provide product for your next project. 



CCB’s Community Table- Bar Height

acc2241e-f2d2-4230-b2e5-3412b66e17d5 12f38163-d0df-4812-87e0-504a8af4e0d1

Custom Stain Color (to match customer’s sample)- left

Bronze Powder Coat for Metal Table Base – right




CCB’s “Greensboro” Series-  Long Wall Bench

(w/ custom stain color)


A New Name & A New (Blue) Look- East Coast Provisions

Reds, yellows, and earth tones used to be the staple colors for food service since they are believed to be appetite stimulants. While blue may be considered an unappetizing color, many fine food establishments are now utilizing this color to promote a calming affect that can lead customer’s to a feeling of comfort and satisfaction (even when food prep time takes longer.)

So take a look at the blues used for this project!

East Coast Provisions is the new name 

(previously known as The Water Grill) with a new look in Richmond, VA.

This project features banquette seating, accent upholstery pieces, and tables by CCB. 

CCB’s “Charlotte” series was modified with some custom dimensions,  but the most noticeable change is the ISB (typically diamond tufted) which was specified with a biscuit tufting detail. 

Custom Accent Seating for single occupants was also produced similar to an upholstered cube with a low squared back.

CCB’s Ash wood table tops were also used for this project.  Our table tops are random plank solid wood tops and available in a couple of different thicknesses.  A custom stain completes this new look.

Thank you to Shaw Restaurant Equipment out of NC and to our CCB Sales Representative, Quinton Macon for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Let us know how we can help define a look for your next project.



4be66ee6-5a7d-4098-91bc-72d7e79eb30c            38b323b8-6aaf-46e2-aaa5-783ea064d90d

CCB Custom Accent Seating visible in upstairs window

(See photo below)




CCB Ash Wood Table Tops- Random Plank

Custom Stain Color


Interior photos from eastcoastrva.com 

HP Furniture Market- Come See Us at CCB!


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April 16th – 20th, 2016

(Saturday,16th & Sunday,17th by appointment only)

Do you attend the High Point Furniture Market?

Then don’t forget to make CCB a resource stop while you are in the area! 

CCB’s facilities are located just a couple of minutes from the market buildings downtown.

Our facility is located on 13 acres of property with a large manufacturing facility, offices, and a showroom of samples.

Need a ride from the market to and from our facilities?  No worries!  
Just call us for assistance! 

We hope to see you soon!