Sticking With Your New Year’s Resolution

Every year begins with a new goal in mind. Many people hope to lose weight, quit smoking, or kick some other old habit. But, a company is no different in the sense that they can set goals for new year’s which they want to accomplish.

Setting a New Year’s resolution for a company is a bit different from an individual goal.  Everyone has to be on board with the same goal in mind and everyone needs to be a team player to accomplish that goal in a timely manner.

The biggest mistake many people make when setting a New Year’s resolution, for  a company or otherwise, is not setting a specific time period in which that goal needs to be accomplished. As the year goes on many people forget what their goal even was to begin with or find it not as important as it was at the beginning of the New Year.

So for one thing as a company you need to be realistic when setting your resolution. Ask yourself basic questions: What can we get done? When can this be done by? Who will we need for this to get done? How will it get done? After assessing your answers you can set your goal.

Also, make sure to communicate with all others who are needed to make this happen. If everyone is not aware of what the goal is and how to reach that goal how will it get done? Plus, the more people you spread the word to the more likely you are to stick with that goal.

Start setting your New Year’s Resolutions and stick with it!