A Modest List of Advantages

We don’t mean to brag…..but we just so happen to have a few advantages over our competitors. Here are just a few we want to make sure you are aware of! We happen to:

  1. DELIVER all projects
  3. And INSTALL all projects
  4. With our OWN EMPLOYEES

All of these factors add up to make a great deal.  why you ask?

  1. You have NO FREIGHT DAMAGE charges when we deliver
  2. All projects are INSTALLED by our employees.
  3. OUR employees set up booths table tops AND bases.
  4. Any problems are handled directly and immediately.

And we are able to do it all at extremely competitive prices because the owner Gregg Grady personally oversees the whole factory.

“This manufacturer is a real gem in our industry.  Value, Service & Pride in their work…” -Peyton Brown Industries