How we do things…the green way

Preserving the environment is important to us at CCB, that’s why we use green products to build our custom booths.  Environmental management is no longer a relatively simple task of controlling how much pollution your business creates. Manufacturing companies now need to be environmentally friendly at every stage of production—from the raw materials used to distribution and then on to the consumer use and in many cases final product disposal.  Our environmentally friendly outlook goes without sacrificing our product quality, only making it better!

  • Our solid poplar wood, used for framing, originates from certified sustainable forest / 2.3 trees are replanted for every one cut
  • Our foam is a high density “Bio Comfort”, formulated with a soy base
  • Our springs are made from 90% recycled steel
  • Optional CCB delivery. padding wrapped and delivered on our truck to prevent damage and save on all packaging waste.