Waiting Benches, “Coming to a Theater Near You Soon!”

This week we are excited to share seating produced for Carmike Theater in West Melbourne, FL. 
CCB has been producing waiting benches based on our WB-010 waiting bench for Carmike locations all over the country.  This waiting bench is made up of a metal base and a standard upholstered foam seat.   
For this recent project as well as a location in Montgomery, AL, this bench style has been modified into a new style with a larger “big seat” and a shorter metal frame below.  
The Carmike look for these projects has typically been a red leather upholstered seat and a black metal frame.  For the West Melbourne location we also produced some booth seating.   
CCB’s Shop Special Series– Modified
Rollover top & end detail (top caps and end panels omitted), upholstered seat and frame flush at the front, and added metal legs. 
“Coming to a Theater Near You Soon!” 

Please contact us to learn more about what CCB can produce for your next commercial project.   

 CCB’s WB-010 Waiting Bench

Waiting Bench Modified with “Big Seat”
CCB’s Shop Special Modified