Westwood Bistro & 9Fifty Whisky

Westwood Bistro & 9fifty Whiskey is this weeks feature highlighting the seating produced. Westwood Bistro is located in Lake Forest, IL.


In this project, CCB’s Shop Special was modified to suit the Bistros custom needs. Wood top caps and end panels were used as well as a custom color stain and a vertical ISB detail. A trend of using upholstery materials with an aged leather look continues but with better durability and a lower cost than actual leather.


Seeing as (aged) whisky is a main topic at Westwood Bistro, no other style of seating could be more complimentary to the restaurant and bar.


We would like to say Thank you to Henry’s Contract Furniture and our CCB Sales Representative, Paul Johnopolos for the exciting opportunity to be part of this project. As always, we hope this weeks feature can help to inspire you for your next seating project.


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