Hampton Inn & Suites

This week we are featuring modern styled seating produced for Hampton Inn & Suites located in Fort Mills, SC.

Wall Benches:

  • Custom Height & Custom Depth
  • Uph ISB with large upholstered “push Buttons”
  • Custom uph end panels
  • 1 Piece “Big Seat”
  • Metal Legs with recessed ABS base

Did you know?

Wall benches are typically used against a perimeter wall, but they also can be used freestanding in a space to create a partition or divider between areas.

Wall benches allow for seating flexibility. Larger and smaller groups can be accommodated by shifting tables together and apart.

Upholstered banquette seating breaks up the monotony of tables and chairs and creates an ideal location to feature color and pattern providing a focal point in hospitality environments.

Banquettes of all shapes and sizes are being utilized in more and more projects beyond restaurants (hotels, building lobbies, banks, retail stores, medical facilities and doctor’s waiting rooms, athletics stadiums, residential kitchens, home theaters, game rooms, etc.)

Thank you to Hospitality Furnishings & Design and our CCB Sales Representatives, Jay Dickinson and Warren Dorn for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Please let us know how CCB can assist you with your next project!

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