“Wood” you like to customize?

Do you like the look of all wood banquette seating but really would like something to encourage guests to stay and order a few more items? (Maybe add an upholstery component?)

Product produced for Angelo’s Italian located in Midlothian, VA illustrates an example of taking CCB’s “Durham” Series (standard with a wood seat) and adding an upholstered foam seat.

This project was also produced with 2 different back heights and with contrasting stain colors (CCB Mahogany & CCB Oak.) 

We can take most of the CCB wood seating styles and add an upholstered element like a foam or spring uph seat, a foam back pad, etc. 

Table tops for this project were produced with CCB’s Premium Top Coat which is a polyester with a “poured look” and a glossy sheen .  CCB’s standard table top finish is a satin.  See examples below.

Thank you to V.F.L. Inc. located in Summerfield, NC and to our CCB Sales Representative, Quinton Macon for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Let us know what “wood” work best for your next project!



CCB “Durham” Series- Modified for Angelo’s Italian

(uph foam seat added & custom height)


CCB “Durham” Series


CCB’s Premium Top Coat-

Polyester w/ a “Poured Look” –  Gloss Finish

(Shown on CCB’ Oak Stain Color)


CCB’s Standard Table Top Coat- Satin

(Shown on CCB Oak Stain Color)