Staying “Plugged In”- Ascend Solstice

Based on the constant desire to stay in touch and communicate with others for work or play, we see more and more projects that include seating with cut outs to allow for electrical outlets for using electronic devices.

The project featured this week Ascend Solstice located in Erie, PA is a perfect example of this trend in hospitality seating.

CCB’s “Designer Special”- modified

  • “L” shaped seating configuration
  • Custom height & overall depth
  • ISB with deep sewn biscuit tufting
  • Custom wood end units with cut outs (to allow for electrical access by others)
  • Custom stain color
  • 1 piece “Big Seat”
  • Enclosed base 

Thank you to Hospitality Furnishings & Design  Inc., Windsor Hospitality Inc., and our CCB’s Sales Representatives , Jay Dickinson and Warren Dorn for the opportunity to be a part of this project. 

Let us know if we can incorporate cut outs for electrical access in your next project.