CCB is proud to announce a new way to alert our Sales Team out in the field of new and improved tools available for you and the CCB Customer.

We feel that it is important to make you aware first and then we will be sending out a notification through the weekly customer email list as a “BOW” 

(Booth of the Week.)

Why is this called “Rep-CLAIMATION?”

  1. Reclaimed:  The act of taking something old and returning it to something in a better state.  To reinvent and to make improvements for better productivity or usefulness.

  2. Exclamation:  To express a strong emotion.  (Yes we are excited about all of the new items that we will be unveiling at CCB.)

  3. Revelation:   To announce or unveil our latest “Vision” for the CCB product line and to provide inspiration.

So here’s the latest scoop: 

Available now on the CCB Website under “Finishes- Fabric & Vinyl,” we have more selections-  Grade 5 Materials, Vinyl, Fabric, Expanded Grades, & Search Tools. 

This is just the beginning and we will be using this new format to add more upholstery materials. Check out the new and improved page by clicking the link below.

We hope that you will find this as a useful tool!

(Some samples available through clickable links included or contact Shelia at to receive samples.


New CCB Fabric & Vinyl Web Page

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A Small Sample of the Grade 5 Vinyls included on the Website

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A Small Sample of the Expanded Grades w/ Fabric Correlates