Wine Loft of Naples- Wish we were there!

Wine is a chosen for a wide variety of occasions, whether provided as an appetite stimulant prior to dining, to accompany a meal, for socializing with friends and family, or for celebrating an event.

There is no question that the Wine Loft of Naples has captured the elegance and sophistication of wine drinking in Florida.

CCB’s “Designer Special” series was modified to produce seating for this project.

  • 1/2 rounds with radiused seats & ISB’s 
  • Uph corner fillers
  • Shared uph end panels- added
  • Diamond tufted ISB detail
  • Uph 1 piece “Big Seat”
  • Enclosed base w/ black ABS applied

CCB’s tables were also utilized – Random Plank Ash Wood Tops 1.25″ thickness stained in CCB Walnut finish which were paired with decorative metal bases.

Thank you to our New CCB Sales Representative in Florida, Bob Packer for the opportunity to provide product to fit this elegant decor.

Let us know how we can assist you with your next project.


CCB’s “Designer Special” Series- modified

Interior photography from and

the Facebook page for The Wine Loft of Naples.


CCB Walnut Stain used on CCB’s  Random Plank Ash Wood Table

Tops & Decorative Metal Table Bases.