Amy Morton’s Newest Restaurant!

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” – Dr. Suess

“There comes a time when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne”- Betty Davis

“If you can afford to eat here you can afford to wear anything you want”- Arnie Morton

Just a few of the quotes painted on the ceiling at Amy Morton’s newest restaurant, Stolp Island Social located in Aurora, IL which are intended to spark conversation.

You might recognize the Morton name from the generations of this family that have been dedicated to the art of food and hospitality including Morton’s Steakhouse and many other fine dining venues.

CCB’s product was well curated with banquette and table configurations designed to suite each area of the space.  Similar to the menus and the chefs selected by the Morton family. 

CCB’s “Metropolitan” and CCB’s “Designer Special” series were modified and used to create these seating configurations.  CCB’s Random Plank Solid Ash Wood Table tops in CCB Driftwood stain was also used.

Thank you to Amy Morton, Henry’s Contract Seating, and our CCB Sales Representative, Paul Johnopolos for the opportunity to be a part of this project. 

Interior images courtesy of Amy Morton and from Stolp Island Social’s website and social media postings

Banquette Centerpiece & Configuration at Bazati

Ever wonder how you can create more interesting seating configurations with basic components?

Bazati iAtlanta, GA is an industrial warehouse turned into a venue for lounging, dining, shopping, reading, and just generally enjoying life.  The Croatian word “Bazati” means “lounging around.”  Each space at Bazati was created with a unique nod to international flavor and culture.

One of the spaces, The Brasserie, is based on the design of informal dining in France, has CCB banquettes that are a perfect example of getting creative with seating configurations.

CCB’s “Diplomat” series was modified and produced in 3 large “U” shaped banquettes ganged together to create a seating “centerpiece.”  Straight wall benches were also used in other areas of the restaurant as well.

Vertical channel upholstery and a custom wood stain along with the blue upholstery specified lend themselves to the sophisticated look of this Parisian style space.

Thank you to Strategic Equipment LLC and our CCB Sales Representatives, Jeff Wells and Bill Snellgrove for the opportunity to be a part of the project.

Anyone ready for a trip to Paris or Atlanta?

Straight Banquette- 36″H w/ uph outside back (OSB) against windows
Straight Banquette- 42″H 

Interior images from Bazati’s website & social media posts, and