Put a Spin on Restaurant Furniture For The Holidays

Get into the holiday spirit and decorate your restaurant furniture to suite every ocassion. Its all about creativity and keepingĀ  customers happy and interested in what you are doing.

Take a booth for example, you may not think much about decorating a booth. But when you have a custom booth it leaves more room for creativity. If you have risers on your booths you are able to intertwine garland or lights in them. Which creates a special experience for the customer. Or if you have a solid step at the base of your booth you are able to line garland or ivy along the step or even place some sort of glitter.

Adding a colored table cloth to table tops helps everyone to get into the spirit. Red or green for Christmas, orange or brown for Thanksgiving, green for St. Patrick’s day, you get the idea.

Its also nice, depending on how much effort you want to put into this, to add a decoration to the table tops. Even if it is a small tea light or some sort of arrangement.

Enjoy your holidays, and furniture!