CCB’s Shaping up!


Have you ever wondered how CCB is able to produce freestanding custom shapes as well as those built to align with shaped walls? Or custom shaped tables?

Yes, we have an incredible team of skilled people at CCB, but it’s also about precision and having the tools and equipment to be successful.

CNC Router

(Computer Numerical Control)

A computer that converts the design produced by Computer Aided Design (CAD) software into numbers.  The numbers map out the coordinates in a graph which controls the movement of the cutter.

CCB is excited to announce that we have purchased our 3rd CNC Router which will expand our current Router Department. 

We hope to have it up and running soon to help increase the efficiencies in our manufacturing process.  See more photos of our “New Toy” below. 

Stay tuned for more news and updates from CCB………………

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Ruby Ann

(CCB’s Unofficial Mascot & Shaped Seating Model)







Sometimes you just need a little comic relief

Left to Right- Gregory Grady, Owner/ President, David McDaniel, Wood Shop Manager,

Ken Peterson, National Sales Manager

Back Row- Chase Grady, Lead Table Department, Delivery Driver, & Comedian in Training?


CCB’s Router Department Expansion

“Lighten Up”- For this Furniture Trend

Did you know that the trend towards using lighter colored wood finishes is transitioning more over to commercial and hospitality furnishings?

This look has been greatly influenced by the popularity of “Scandinavian Modern” looks marketed by Ikea and other companies that have tapped into simplicity, minimalism, and functionality.

Lighter wood finishes not only provide a neutral look, they allow for the natural grain of the wood to be emphasized, and  ultimately they show less scratching and wear over time.

Here are 2 CCB projects that are examples of “Lightening It Up”  with stain finishes.

CCB Community Tables produced for The Lake Club in Youngstown, OH.

CCB “Greensboro” Series seating produced for Genji Go Restaurant in Gahanna, OH.

Thank you to Hannah Vernal Designs (The Lake Club),  Chute Gerdeman and Prestige Properties (Genji Go), and our CCB Sales Representatives, Jay Dickinson & Warren Dorn for the opportunity to be a part of these 2 projects. 

Let us know how we can provide product for your next project. 



CCB’s Community Table- Bar Height

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Custom Stain Color (to match customer’s sample)- left

Bronze Powder Coat for Metal Table Base – right




CCB’s “Greensboro” Series-  Long Wall Bench

(w/ custom stain color)


We Got You “Covered” at CCB- NEW OPTIONS


CCB is proud to announce NEW Options available through the

CCB Website.

So here’s the latest scoop to be Covered: 

Available now on the CCB Website under “Finishes- Fabric & Vinyl,” we have more selections-  Grade 5 Materials, Vinyl, Fabric, Expanded Grades, & Search Tools. 

This is just the beginning and we will be using this new format to add more upholstery materials. Check out the new and improved page by clicking the link below.

We hope that you will find this as a useful tool!

(Some samples available through clickable links included or contact Shelia at to receive samples.)


New CCB Fabric & Vinyl Web Page

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A Small Sample of the Grade 5 Vinyls included on the Website

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A Small Sample of the Expanded Grades w/ Fabric Correlates

Recognition of Service- Quinton Macon

We do not often take the time out to recognize CCB Team members for their acts of service for others.

This past weekend CCB’s NC & SC Sales Representative, Quinton Macon left with The American Red Cross to assist victims of the recent disaster conditions in Texas.  Quinton has devoted countless hours to assisting others in many regions of the country as well as the time for training and re-certifications.

Quinton has been sent to Bryan, TX and will be there for 2 weeks.

Our thoughts and prayers for the safety and recovery of those affected by the storms in Texas and for those assisting in the aid efforts. 

Thank you Quinton. We are proud of your devotion and your heart for others!