Featured Booth of The Week

This particular custom job is now  located in Mt. Airy, MD.  Another booth which proves our exceeding  ability to customize  booths to match every individual’s taste!
Booth Details:

      CCB Diplomat style booth
      42” High
      Plain ISB is CF Stinson – Feeling Beep Beep 6491 – Sunkist
      Seat is Nassimi – Vintage Ale – 5VI-001
      One end finished wood scabs

Feel free to request this booth or any others if your restaurant needs custom seating!

Featured Booth of The Week



The  photo above is our current  Booth of The Week.  This job was customized and shipped off to Morrisville, NC.  

  •  They are 36” high 
  •  12” wood riser
  •  consisting of waterfall seats 
  •  upholstered in US383 vinyl
  •  wood trim stained in a Dark Walnut.

Please feel free to contact us to give us any feedback or find out more information about our custom booths!