CCB is proud to announce a new way to alert our Sales Team out in the field of new and improved tools available for you and the CCB Customer.

We feel that it is important to make you aware first and then we will be sending out a notification through the weekly customer email list as a “BOW” 

(Booth of the Week.)

Why is this called “Rep-CLAIMATION?”

  1. Reclaimed:  The act of taking something old and returning it to something in a better state.  To reinvent and to make improvements for better productivity or usefulness.

  2. Exclamation:  To express a strong emotion.  (Yes we are excited about all of the new items that we will be unveiling at CCB.)

  3. Revelation:   To announce or unveil our latest “Vision” for the CCB product line and to provide inspiration.

So here’s the latest scoop: 

Available now on the CCB Website under “Finishes- Fabric & Vinyl,” we have more selections-  Grade 5 Materials, Vinyl, Fabric, Expanded Grades, & Search Tools. 

This is just the beginning and we will be using this new format to add more upholstery materials. Check out the new and improved page by clicking the link below.

We hope that you will find this as a useful tool!

(Some samples available through clickable links included or contact Shelia at to receive samples.


New CCB Fabric & Vinyl Web Page

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A Small Sample of the Grade 5 Vinyls included on the Website

6e7aaef0-3bec-4744-a53f-14915ac7dc5d 654c6edf-ce13-4a58-9d4f-e3a06166174d

A Small Sample of the Expanded Grades w/ Fabric Correlates

We hope You will Flip for these CCB Updates!

Introduced to our CCB Sales Force last week, we have created some new tools to help you review the products available through the CCB product line as well as a sample of our custom capabilities.

Our CCB Brochures are now available on the CCB website in a “Flip-able”  magazine format. 

Below is a brief pictorial description of what is available to navigate the new brochure format. 

We have a lot in the works for New Product too!

We have been working hard behind the scenes and will be sending you announcements as each is available for your use.

Get ready and start “Flipping!”


Full Screen View


Flip pages at bottom corner


Click on thumbnail of pages below


Navigation buttons at upper right of screen

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Back button or previous page

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Save or download brochure

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View inside of brochure


A New Name & A New (Blue) Look- East Coast Provisions

Reds, yellows, and earth tones used to be the staple colors for food service since they are believed to be appetite stimulants. While blue may be considered an unappetizing color, many fine food establishments are now utilizing this color to promote a calming affect that can lead customer’s to a feeling of comfort and satisfaction (even when food prep time takes longer.)

So take a look at the blues used for this project!

East Coast Provisions is the new name 

(previously known as The Water Grill) with a new look in Richmond, VA.

This project features banquette seating, accent upholstery pieces, and tables by CCB. 

CCB’s “Charlotte” series was modified with some custom dimensions,  but the most noticeable change is the ISB (typically diamond tufted) which was specified with a biscuit tufting detail. 

Custom Accent Seating for single occupants was also produced similar to an upholstered cube with a low squared back.

CCB’s Ash wood table tops were also used for this project.  Our table tops are random plank solid wood tops and available in a couple of different thicknesses.  A custom stain completes this new look.

Thank you to Shaw Restaurant Equipment out of NC and to our CCB Sales Representative, Quinton Macon for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Let us know how we can help define a look for your next project.



4be66ee6-5a7d-4098-91bc-72d7e79eb30c            38b323b8-6aaf-46e2-aaa5-783ea064d90d

CCB Custom Accent Seating visible in upstairs window

(See photo below)




CCB Ash Wood Table Tops- Random Plank

Custom Stain Color


Interior photos from 

Reclaimed at Chester Brunnenmeyer’s

The “Reclaimed” look has boomed in our industry and we don’t see this trend winding down any time soon.

Chester Brunnenmeyer’s Bar & Grill in Blue Ridge, GA is an excellent example.  Considered a “Rustic American Bar & Grill”  its location is deep with history so what better way to reflect this than in the current interior elements.

CCB’s “Multi-Species Wood Farmhouse” tops were produced in CCB’s Vintage Stain and in our heavy “Farmhouse” distressing and utilized as tables as well as the bar top.

CCB’s “Greensboro” Series seating with some modifications was also used to achieve this look.

  • Custom Height

  • Uph Crumb Rail added

  • Enclosed Wood Base added

  • Custom Stain Color

The vinyl selected has the look of a woven leather texture paired with the standard bead board elements of the CCB Greensboro completed this look.

Thank you to Edward Don and our CCB Sales Representative, Jeff Wells for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Let us know how CCB can assist you with your next project. 




CCB’s Multi-Species Wood Farmhouse Table Tops

(Ash, Cherry, Poplar, & Maple)



Chester’s building is rich in history

(The Gartrell Hotel) 

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Location over  the years for a Flower Shop, Auto Parts Store, & Antique Mal




Interior images from