Express Lane Seating to Impress- Guapo’s Georgetown

Did you know that CCB has an “Express Lane Seating” Program?

We have 2 upholstered seating styles that can be produced in as little as 3 to 4 weeks after all customer approvals are received.

See the below link for more information and contact your CCB Sales Representative or for more information.

CCB’s Express Lane Seating (Click Here)

This week we are featuring “Express Lane” seating produced for Guapo’s of Georgetown located in Washington DC.

CCB’s “Shop Special” series was produced with a lower back height in some rich velvet upholstery.  We think you will be impressed with this!

Thank you to W & M Contracting LLC and to our CCB Sales Representative, Jim Hoffman for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

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More New from CCB- Stain Colors!

As a second introduction this week, we wanted to let you know that we are offering 2 New Stain Colors as Standard finishes:


CCB Chestnut

is a medium brown with an equal balance of warm undertones.  Not too red, orange, or gold.  A traditional, transitional, a mid-century or even a vintage feel.


CCB Driftwood 

is a neutral colored stain with a gray to cool brown cast which can take on a modern sleek feel or go to the opposite extreme of coastal or rustic.  Just depends on what you decide.

As with all stain colors there will be some shade and color variations that will occur as it is applied to each unique piece of wood.  Images of CCB stain colors are for gerenal reference only and should not be used to make final color selections. 

Contact Customer Service to receive actual stain samples.

But if you cannot find what you need for your project, then don’t forget that for a nominal charge that CCB can match a sample submitted to create a custom stain color. 

The stain options for your seating & tables have expanded and may just be limitless!

A New Name & A New (Blue) Look- East Coast Provisions

Reds, yellows, and earth tones used to be the staple colors for food service since they are believed to be appetite stimulants. While blue may be considered an unappetizing color, many fine food establishments are now utilizing this color to promote a calming affect that can lead customer’s to a feeling of comfort and satisfaction (even when food prep time takes longer.)

So take a look at the blues used for this project!

East Coast Provisions is the new name 

(previously known as The Water Grill) with a new look in Richmond, VA.

This project features banquette seating, accent upholstery pieces, and tables by CCB. 

CCB’s “Charlotte” series was modified with some custom dimensions,  but the most noticeable change is the ISB (typically diamond tufted) which was specified with a biscuit tufting detail. 

Custom Accent Seating for single occupants was also produced similar to an upholstered cube with a low squared back.

CCB’s Ash wood table tops were also used for this project.  Our table tops are random plank solid wood tops and available in a couple of different thicknesses.  A custom stain completes this new look.

Thank you to Shaw Restaurant Equipment out of NC and to our CCB Sales Representative, Quinton Macon for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Let us know how we can help define a look for your next project.



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CCB Custom Accent Seating visible in upstairs window

(See photo below)




CCB Ash Wood Table Tops- Random Plank

Custom Stain Color


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