CCB’s Seating doesn’t have to stand alone- Stafford’s Pier Restaurant

Did you know that most banquettes if specified for more than 8′ in length are typically built in multiple sections?

For access into buildings, based on material widths & yields, for frame integrity, weight & handling, shipment & packaging services, if requested)

This week we are featuring a project where multiple banquettes were used together to create a larger seating statement.

Stafford’s Pier Restaurant located in Harbour Springs, MI

In 2 corners of this restaurant, seating was designed to have a large unified look but, yet with separate distinctive groupings.

Individual banquettes were constructed and then once delivered to the site, shared uph top caps and end panels were attached to allow for the units to not have an apparent start or stop between them.

CCB’s “Shop Special” Series-modified

  • High to low sloping back heights and some at 1 height
  • Wide vertical channel upholstery detail
  • Shared uph top caps and end panels
  • Stained wood corner fillers

Thank you to KLK Partners LLC and to our CCB Sales Representative, Saeth Gronberg for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Contact CCB to find out how we can assist you with creating custom unified seating groups.

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Restaurant photos from & Stafford’s Pier Restaurant FB page.


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Global Influences at Alpaca

Design bloggers and trend watchers say “Global Influences” in design are here to stay.

This week we are featuring seating produced for 

Alpaca Peruvian Charcoal Chicken Restaurant located in Sanford, NC.

CCB’s “Shop Special” series was modified to have a rollover top detail and a shaped upholstered end panel.

Color, pattern, and textures were used to create a rich look of woven textiles mixed with an ostrich look vinyl.   Definitely a global appeal!

Thank you to Align Design and our CCB Sales Representative, Quinton Macon for the opportunity to be a part of this project.



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Upholstery Materials



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Restaurant images from Align Design‘s Facebook page.

CCB goes to the Office- Genscape

Genscape located in Louisville, KY provides data and analysis for global commodity & energy markets.

So it is quite fitting that an orange toned upholstery was selected for this office project.

The hues of orange located on the color wheel between red (a color of energy) and yellow (a color of happiness) are believed to have these characteristics:

  • Increases oxygen supply to the brain
  • Stimulates mental activity & productivity
  • Encourages communication
  • Aids in decision making
  • Promotes confidence & understanding
  • Associated with health and well being
  • More neutral oranges have a feeling of being more grounded & “earthy”

CCB’s “Designer Special” was modified to create this office seating:

  • Produced in 2 different seating heights (18″H and Counter Height)
  • ISB with vertical channel uph detail
  • Uph Seat w/ nail head trim
  • Low tapered wood legs
  • CCB Walnut stain

Thank you to L.W.H. Design and our CCB Sales Representatives, Jay Dickinson and Warren Dorn for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

“At CCB we are more than just restaurant booths”



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CCB is more than Restaurant Booths at Avalon Bay

Here are CCB Banquettes that were produced for common areas at Avalon Hingham Shipyard which is part of a high end apartment community in Hingham, MA.

These banquettes feature uph end panels, a deep seat, an exposed wood frame and tapered legs from CCB’s “Charlotte” & “Hickory” series styles, and a custom stain color.

Thank you to Executive Furnishings Inc. and our CCB Sales Representatives, Dave Abramson and Mark Dibenedetto for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

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