Even PayPal has CCB!

We are always excite to share photos of CCB product in its final location and to share the range of locations where our product ends up.

A CCB banquette recently was delivered to Paypal Corporate Headquarters in Lutherville, MD.

We try our best to make each and every project worry free for you and your customer……..

That includes purchasing upholstery materials as a part of the project or you can opt for COM upholstery by providing “Customer’s Own Materials” like the PayPal project.

We provide shop drawings to verify the dimensions, style details, upholstery, and finish locations/ placement.  Did you know our shop drawings even show where the sections of a long banquette will be divided?  This allows you to verify if this will work with other furniture placement, check building access points, and in the case of this project it allowed the end user to verify the fit in their elevators.

And of course don’t forget if you choose our delivery service, we ensure that the product is handled properly, assembled, and set in place!

Thank you to Millennium Seating and to Jeff Wells for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

You never know where we will share that CCB product is next!

Interior photos courtesy of Millennium Seating and their customer.

CCB’s Hospitality Seating – Not just your Standard Banquette

CCB originated as a restaurant booth and table manufacturing company primarily servicing restaurant dealers.  As our customer base and project scope has expanded, we have embraced your requests to produce product that is far beyond the realm of “booth” seating.

Seating produced for Hotel Indigo in Birmingham, AL is a perfect example of this.

Custom Shaped Hospitality Seating
  • Plain uph low ISB & uph shaped arms
  • Loose accent throw pillows
  • Tight uph deep seats
  • Stained wood frame & enclosed base with electrical outlets
  • Custom stain color

This Hotel Indigo location has history as well.  This area was the location of the first apothecary in Birmingham.  This Art Deco inspired building from the 1930’s was constructed to house medical offices.

The “RX Lounge” where CCB’s seating is located gives a nod to the architectural history.

Thank you to Hospitality Furnishings & Design and our CCB Sales Representatives, Warren Dorn & Jay Dickinson for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

We think this is a good example of a Remedy to standard seating.

Outlet units installed in the stained wood bases

Interior & exterior building photos from the Hotel Indigo Birmingham website.

Retirement Community Expansion- Brandermill Woods

We love to share photos of our product in their designed environment.  CCB’s banquette seating was part of a 2017 expansion project at Brandermill Wood’s Retirement Community in Midlothian, VA.

CCB’s “Shop Special” & “Designer Special” merged and customized to create this upscale and refined look.
  • Wood top caps & end panels
  • Diamond tufted ISB detail
  • 1 piece uph “big seat” w/ a crumb rail detail
  • Custom stain color

Both of the “U” shaped banquettes were produced with custom corner notches to work with the interior architecture.

Thank you to Furniture Solutions Group for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Let us know how we can provide product for new construction, renovations, and expansion projects.


Images from Brandermill Wooods website and social media postings & 

RLPS Architects’ website

“L” is for L Shaped and a Long Banquette

CCB’sDesigner Special” series goes “L” shaped and the “length” of the lobby and breakfast area of Best Western Plus in Winston-Salem, NC.

  • Plain uph ISB (inside back)
  • OSB (outside back) uph in vinyl
  • Roll over top & wrapped end detail
  • 1 piece uph “big” seat
  • Enclosed base- black ABS

The clean and simple lines of this banquette can be used in virtually any style of space- modern, transitional, and even traditional.  The uph selections on this project are quite striking!

Thank you to Hospitality Furnishings & Design, Inc. and our CCB Sales Representatives, Jay Dickinson and Warren Dorn for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Let us know how we can provide seating for your next project.

An Urban Vibe at Square 22

Take a look at the Modern Industrial Decor  which brings an “Urban Vibe” to Square 22 Restaurant & Bar located in Strongsville, OH.

CCB’s “Designer Special” series was utilized with a plain uph ISB (inside back) for long wall benches and with a biscuit tufted uph detail for the other seating configurations. A shaped uph end panel was added to finish the look at the end of the seating.

Thank you to Rycon Construction Inc. and to our CCB Sales Representatives Jay Dickinson & Warren Dorn for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Let us know about providing product for your next project!


“Sexy in the City”- Upholstery at Avalon North Station

CCB is “More than just Restaurant Booths.”

Check out these upholstery pieces produced for Avalon North Station Apartment Community in Boston, Massachusetts.

If we were picking out a movie title to describe these pieces, we think “Sexy in the City” would be pretty appropriate!

Both pieces have a lounge style feel w/ squared surround or track style arm detail.  Classic upholstery details – diamond tufting & vertical channels – have been incorporated into these modern looks.  Metal or wood legs – you pick!

Thank you to Executive Furnishings Inc. and to our CCB Sales Representatives,  Dave Abramson and Mark Dibenedetto for the opportunity to show examples of the larger range of what CCB has to offer.

Interior Photos from Avaloncommunities.com website

CCB’s “Farmhouse” Seating- NEW

Rustic and Reclaimed looks takes “Center Stage” again in 2017!

Our customer’s cannot seem to get enough of this look, therefore CCB is expanding on our “Farmhouse” table tops by adding “Farmhouse” booths to be combined and known as our “Farmhouse Collection”.

Table Tops (Existing Product:)

  • Multi-Species  (Solid Ash, Cherry, Poplar, & Maple) 
  • Random Plank in 1.75″ thickness 
  • CCB’s “Farmhouse” heavy distressing techniques
  • Available in CCB Vintage (left below) or CCB Clear (right below) finish.

So what is the next step in providing you with more of this look?

Introducing CCB’s New “Farmhouse” Seating.

CCB’s “Farmhouse” SeriesNew

OSB (left) & Alternate End Detail (right)


  • 42″ Overall Height

  • Wood Species:  Solid Ash & Solid Poplar

  • CCB “Farmhouse” distressing on ISB, OSB, and frame (Heavy level of exaggerated denting, rasping of top and edges, distressing, chiseling, and pitting)

  • Ash & Poplar top caps, end panels, and frame below seat

  • OSB & ISB stacked wood planks of Ash & Poplar of varying widths and thickness

  • Removable foam padded sinuous spring seat

  • Black ABS base standard

  • Shown in CCB “Vintage” stain (recommended)

Please note that the booths are intended as being a complimentary “Farmhouse” look and not an exact match to the the table tops.

More info on this style on our CCB Website, including line drawings.

CCB Farmhouse Booth- New (click here)

Hurricane Matthew – Product Available from CCB!

During this holiday season we tend to reflect about how fortunate we are and at CCB we would like to take this opportunity to recognize those who were impacted by Hurricane Matthew and it’s after affects.

Hurricane Matthew was the first category 5 Atlantic hurricane since 2007 which caused high winds and flooding that lead to fatalities and destruction of property in Cuba, Haiti, The Dominican Republic,The Bahamas as well as to numerous areas in the US (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia.)

CCB is offering a Special Rebate Program to our customer’s and dealers to pass on to their end users that are in the process of re-building due to the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

Below are seating styles that qualify for the Hurricane Matthew Rebate Program. (2 New Booth Styles Included- The Rockingham & The Rocky Mount)

Please contact CCB to receive more details and to see if your project can be a part of this re-building effort through CCB.




Please reference Promo Code:  AFTERMATTHEW

NEW CCB Styles

The Rockingham & The Rocky Mount

(above- left to right)

From CCB’s Existing Product Line

The Shop Special, The Designer Special, & The Diplomat

The Manteo & The Beaufort

All Aboard for this Seating- Norfolk Southern

“CCB is more than just Restaurant Booths.”

CCB’s “Metropolitan” series was used as the basis for seating produced for the Norfolk Southern Railway’s corporate offices located in Norfolk, VA.

Black and white vinyl upholstery combinations were utilized to match the corporate colors as well as a custom printed vinyl with their horse logo and linear railway pattern.

Thank you to New Day Office for the opportunity to be a part of this project which helps to illustrate CCB product used in different settings besides just restaurants.

Let us know how we can provide seating for your next project.


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CCB’s Seating doesn’t have to stand alone- Stafford’s Pier Restaurant

Did you know that most banquettes if specified for more than 8′ in length are typically built in multiple sections?

For access into buildings, based on material widths & yields, for frame integrity, weight & handling, shipment & packaging services, if requested)

This week we are featuring a project where multiple banquettes were used together to create a larger seating statement.

Stafford’s Pier Restaurant located in Harbour Springs, MI

In 2 corners of this restaurant, seating was designed to have a large unified look but, yet with separate distinctive groupings.

Individual banquettes were constructed and then once delivered to the site, shared uph top caps and end panels were attached to allow for the units to not have an apparent start or stop between them.

CCB’s “Shop Special” Series-modified

  • High to low sloping back heights and some at 1 height
  • Wide vertical channel upholstery detail
  • Shared uph top caps and end panels
  • Stained wood corner fillers

Thank you to KLK Partners LLC and to our CCB Sales Representative, Saeth Gronberg for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Contact CCB to find out how we can assist you with creating custom unified seating groups.

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Restaurant photos from staffords.com & Stafford’s Pier Restaurant FB page.


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