The White House Hotel

This week we are featuring seating designed for the White House Hotel in Biloxi, MS. The hotel dates back to the 1890’s and was the home of Attorney Walter and his wife Cora White. The White’s home became a hotel after the White’s began accepting boarders.

CCB created a winding wall bench that accommodates seating on both sides. A natural element is brought to the bench with a planter that is integrated in the middle. Shaped banquettes at the ends of the winding bench create seating areas for 2 more guests each.

CCB also created “L” shaped banquettes that line the spaces that are enclosed in draperies and decorative partitions. These spaces bring a feeling of comfort and ease.


We would like to thank Hospitality Furnishings & Design, Inc., as well as our CCB Sales Representatives, Jay Dickinson & Warren Dorn for the opportunity to be part of this project.


Thanks for reading and we hope you find this project inspirational for your next seating project.  Check back often to see what we feature next.

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