Frisch’s Big Boy

A large part of CCB’s success has been based on the support of our customers and sales representatives whether it is through single or multiple projects. We want to recognize product built for one of our dealers with repeat orders for their end user.

Frisch’s Big Boy

(Locations in Ohio, Kentucky, & Indiana.)

The history of this chain which is based on being “family friendly” and featuring “comfort food” dates back to a small café operated by Samuel Frisch in 1905. Frisch’s seating is custom produced to meet corporate specs.

Thank you to F.G. Schaefer Co. and our Sales Representative, Jay Dickinson for the opportunity to be a part of these projects and contributing to our company’s success.

(We estimate 40+ locations where CCB provided seating & tables and another 30+/- locations with tables only!)

Please let us know how we can assist you on seating, tables, or other product for your projects- large or small!

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