Amy Morton’s Newest Restaurant!

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” – Dr. Suess

“There comes a time when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne”- Betty Davis

“If you can afford to eat here you can afford to wear anything you want”- Arnie Morton

Just a few of the quotes painted on the ceiling at Amy Morton’s newest restaurant, Stolp Island Social located in Aurora, IL which are intended to spark conversation.

You might recognize the Morton name from the generations of this family that have been dedicated to the art of food and hospitality including Morton’s Steakhouse and many other fine dining venues.

CCB’s product was well curated with banquette and table configurations designed to suite each area of the space.  Similar to the menus and the chefs selected by the Morton family. 

CCB’s “Metropolitan” and CCB’s “Designer Special” series were modified and used to create these seating configurations.  CCB’s Random Plank Solid Ash Wood Table tops in CCB Driftwood stain was also used.

Thank you to Amy Morton, Henry’s Contract Seating, and our CCB Sales Representative, Paul Johnopolos for the opportunity to be a part of this project. 

Interior images courtesy of Amy Morton and from Stolp Island Social’s website and social media postings

Dont Settle…Customize It

Many buyers may end up settling with booths they don’t 100% love, maybe because it is not offered by the company they are doing business with. As a buyer you may feel like there are limitations to how great your restaurant can look. So, If you can envision it then it is a great idea to custom build your booths to fit the scheme of your application’s environment. Booths can easily be customized if you choose the right provider. That provider should have plenty of options available. The photograph of the black booth is a single shop special booth with a 2″ foam padded back and spring seat. It has an upholstered outside back and black ABS material on all bases. This is a simple looking booth but if you wanted to customize it you would be able to choose from any

You name it and we customize it


Before – Basic                                   After – Customized