Sitting at Work might not be so bad?- Unipress USA

CCB introduced a lot of new product in 2019.  One of these items is the CAS-006 (Common Area Seating.)

We are excited to share a recent project produced for Unipres USA, a global corporation that produces pressed parts for the automobile industry and has a large facility in Portland, TN.

The concept for this seating is to be utilized in public spaces. It’s seating with an occasional table surface built as one. The design has a modern to mid-century flair.

Originally introduced as a “sofa” or multiple person seating, we produced “chair” versions for this project.

Units with standard electrical and USB hook ups were included for the convenience of those using the seating. Electrical/ USB units can be integrated into most of our products. Just ask us how.

Thank you to FG Schaefer and our CCB Sales Representatives, Jay Dickinson and Warren Dorn for the opportunity to be a part of this project and to share with you the results of part of our new product line.

Don’t let the names mislead you! – CCB’s Durham & Farmhouse

We have designed our standard product line to be versatile and to work with a multitude of interior styles. Sometimes it is just a matter of the finishes specified that can totally change the look.

Take for example CCB’s “Durham” Series seating style that was given a coastal location at The Pier Restaurant at Solomons Pier in Solomon, MD.

The Durham was modified with an upholstered seat and finished in CCB’s Natural stain.  See below where we also show examples of this same booth style for comparison- CCB’s “Durham” Series standard and 2 modified versions- one used for a Country Club and one for an Italian Restaurant.  How’s that for diversity in look and style?

Now let’s talk tables…… CCB’s “Farmhouse” Tables were also used for this coastal project in dining and bar height.  How’s that for an unexpected combination?

Thank you to TriMark Adams Burch for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

There’s really no limit to our styles and how they are used!

CCB’s “Durham” Series
Modified with Uph ISB & Seat for a Country Club
Modified with Uph Seat 
for an Italian Restaurant

Interior images from Yelp & Travel Advisor.

The Look of Luxury- DC Prime Steakhouse

Tufted upholstery made is primary debut during the Victorian Era and was considered a symbol of lush lounging and emphasized the expensive textures and sheens of silks, velvets, and brocades.  Tufting continued in to the period of Rocco Revival and was paired with highly ornate upholstery frames.

Tufting is still a popular upholstery technique that spans from classic traditional styles to more modern looks in fabric to leather.

This weeks product was produced for DC Prime Steakhouse located in  Ashburn, VA. 


CCB’s “Designer Special”  Series–  modified

Diamond Tufted Uph on the ISB (added)

Custom Depth

Tapered Wood Legs (added)


This seating was produced in large and small seating configurations with a traditional diamond shaped tufting that speaks to the sophistication of this location and its prime cuisine.

Thank you to Edward Don & Company and our CCB Sales Representative, Quinton Macon for the opportunity to be a part of this project.

Please contact us with questions regarding the product that CCB can provide for your next project.







Are You a Restaurant Owner?

If you are, a restaurant owner that is, you have a lot of decisions to make before the opening of your restaurant. Many having to do with whats on the menu, where the building will be located, and who will be the perfect employees. But when it comes to the design of your restaurant, or any other business for that matter, there are many nonverbal aspects to consider.

For instance, if you were to consider putting round tables in your building you are actually encouraging communication between the people who choose to sit at them. A longer table establishes more of a business setting by having two “heads” of the table and allowing for a larger group to sit at them. A booth generally encourages conversation and keeps customers sitting longer because of comfort. You should also consider the lighting of your building, if you have bright lights people will feel the urge to leave as soon as possible which may or may not be the result you want. But if you happen to be in the restaurant industry you most certainly want your guests to stay as long as possible to enjoy great food and a great environment. (The longer they linger the more they are going to want to taste off the menu!).

Another nonverbal to consider when opening a restaurant is the scent or smell you give off to customers. Your memory is triggered at a much higher percentage by smell than any other sense, so you want to give off a smell in which could be triggered by many other things. The key to your scent is to create an emotional connection. Maybe you own an Italian restaurant and the scent you give off is garlic and fresh-baked bread, then any other time the customer encounters this scent he or she will recognize it in connection with your restaurant. Another scent an owner might choose to put throughout their building is lavender, which tends to make people feel relaxed and at ease (always a good thing).

Lastly, the color scheme of your restaurant is very important. This includes everything from fabrics, decorative items, all the way down to employee uniforms. First and foremost the color white represents cleanliness which is a good quality for any business to have. Next, if you are opening an upscale restaurant perhaps you want a color that represents prestige. Purple would be the color to go with since it is highly associated with royalty, although this is a misconception. The color blue was actually the color for royalty which is where the term “royal blue” derived from. Gray and black are associated with many different qualities such as sternness, dependability, businesslike, and reliability.Yellows and reds create energy and green represents growth, wealth, and nature to name a few.

More Fabric Samples

Overall, if you are or plan to be a restaurant owner the decisions you have to make are manageable! But pay special attention to detail, nonverbal design could be the key to your business’s success.